Our Vision

We're here to nurture, support, create and develop stem leaders from all backgrounds to make the world a better place .

Our Mission

The only way for students to truly understand and choose the path for them, is to experience them first hand.

Our Purpose

To be an outstanding school for students passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths through an approach that is highly academic, hands on and business focused.

To expose students to a wide range of opportunities in Engineering & Technology, allowing them to move onto University, Apprenticeships and Jobs.

To be a centre of excellence, where youngsters passionate about STEM from across London aspire to attend.

What is a University Technical College (UTC)?

Bridging the gap between education and work, University Technical Colleges (often referred to as UTCs) are government-funded schools that give 14 – 18 year-olds the opportunity to study GCSEs, A-Levels and formal qualifications in a project-based, interactive and relevant way. Today there are 43 UTCs across England with more than 15,000 students.

Sponsored by a university, UTCs give students a strong grounding in English, Maths and Science whilst focusing on a specific area, such as Engineering. Students also benefit from connections with sponsor companies and the partner University which gives students an advantage when applying for jobs and further education.

What is life like at a UTC? Watch the clip and find out

Watch the clip below, discover what life is like at Westminster UTC and take a look inside our central London campus

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