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We are committed to providing all Westminster UTC students with the best start in life and we work hard to ensure that all students attend school regularly. Reducing absence from school is a key priority both for Westminster UTC and the Government. The majority of students' parents at Westminster UTC ensure that their children attend school regularly.

When your child is absent

By law, schools must record absences and the reasons given. Parents/carers should provide reasons for absences and the school must decide whether or not they justify authorisation according to Government Guidelines.

Medical evidence may be required.

Whenever a child is absent from school the parent/carer should:

Contact the school as soon as possible on the first day of absence. If no notification of absence is received, the school office will contact the parents/guardians to ascertain the reason

- Where possible let the school know in advance of any planned absences e.g. hospital appointments

- Where possible make medical/dental appointments out of school hours

Reporting an absence

Parents/carers must report a child’s absence every day. This can be done by

leaving a message on our 24hr absence line:-

+44 (0)20 3301 7660

or email

Arriving late to school

When a child arrives late to school it can be very disruptive to your child, the teacher and other children in the class. If your child arrives late to school they will be marked as late on the register and given a detention, and it could be recorded as an unauthorised absence, which could lead to the school having to make a referral to the local authority for enforcement action.

Absence and the Law

As a parent/carer you are committing an offence if you fail to make sure that your child attends regularly, even if they are missing school without your knowledge. The details of parents/guardians with children who have unauthorised absence (including those who have taken an authorised holiday) will be passed to the school’s Education Welfare Service, who could consider issuing a Penalty Notice or starting legal action.

How Westminster UTC encourages good attendance

Good attendance is of such importance that we place a great deal of emphasis on it

and have placed considerable resources into promoting it. Listed below are some of

the strategies we have in place:

- Attendance targets for individual students, mentor groups and the school

- We use Class Charts, which all students and parents can access, to record regular attendance to help parents/guardians monitor their child's absence

- We promote good attendance through Parents' Consultation Evenings, Progress Review Days, assemblies and during Mentor time

- Students are rewarded for good and improved attendance throughout the year

- The Headteacher reports on attendance to the Governors each month

- Computerised registration system that allows each lesson to be monitored

- Contact is made with parents/carers on the first day of absence

- We work closely with external agencies

- Our Attendance Officer supports students and parents when attendance issues arise

You can find the schools’ attendance policy here.

You can make a request for term-time absence to the headteacher, using this form.

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