GCSE English Language

Units and modules studied by term.

Year 1

Language Paper 1
(N/A – Literature focus term)
Language Paper 2
Spoken Language Assessments

Year 2

(N/A – Literature focus term)
Language Revision for Exams

Course Details

Course/awarding title: AQA
Specification Code: English Language: 8700
Length of course: 2 Years
Tiers: N/A


Outcome grades: 1-9 (grade 4 pass, grade 5 good pass)
External examination:
• 2 papers, each
• Duration: 1hr 45m (each)
Both papers divided into 2 sections:
• Section A: Reading
• Section B: Writing

Coursework: Spoken Language Assessment (presentations performed in class) Separate grade of Pass, Merit or Distinction
Coursework Deadlines: May

Assessments: Year 10 baseline, 1 Teacher set KAT (Key Assessments Tasks) per Term, Yr 10 end of year exams (May), Yr 11 Mock (Jan)