Destinations of our students revealed

As you know by now, Westminster UTC is all about preparing youngsters for the working world after-college. Whether they go on to further education, apprenticeships or employment; we want to give our young people the best opportunity to progress, and a platform for them to take their first steps into their dream career.

Despite all the challenges faced in 2020, we are delighted to see so many of our youngsters achieve their goals and more. We thought it would be nice to both highlight as well as celebrate all the 2020 leavers in this ‘life after college’ breakdown.

67% of students went onto university, with 69% of BAME students also progressing. Enrolment included Civil Engineering at Imperial College London right through to Economics at the University of Southampton. Those who didn’t go on to university sought apprenticeships and employment, with 4% leaving for full-time employment and 7% taking up an apprenticeship.

Whether our former students are now in further-education or employment, we would like to thank them all for their efforts and for making us very proud. We wish them all the best of luck in their next chapter!