Westminster UTC Curriculum 16-18 years

What can I study as part of the sixth form UTC Curriculum (16-18 years)?

At Year 12, we offer a range of A-levels, including the four sciences, and Further Maths. There are also two options for our keen engineers who can choose to do one or both.

A-Level Design Engineering (covers a broad range of engineering but students also choose to focus on Mechanical Engineering or Electronic Engineering).

Professional Construction Practice (essentially Civil/Architectural Engineering) which is a Diploma (A-Level Equivalent).

Core Mathematics is a qualification for those students who have done well at Mathematics but do not want to continue through to the full A-level and is equivalent to approximately half an A-level. This can be done on top of 3 other A-level (or equivalent) choices.

Each subject has its own entry requirements but typically a minimum grade of 6 or above at GCSE related subject(s).